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Iceland Saga Travel, LLC (IST) has been the US expert for travel to Iceland for the past 12 years. Since Iceland Saga Travel stopped operating last year, All Iceland LLC has managed this site. We offer you the wonders of Iceland and its people…all year round. All Iceland LLC is here to help plan and customize your trip to Iceland.

IST plans, coordinates and books trips and tours for individuals, families, groups and businesses. IST provides services to travel agencies on behalf of their clients.

IST has relations and cooperative agreements with general and specialty tour operators throughout Iceland, hotel chains and individual hotels across Iceland, guesthouses, farm accommodations, car rental companies, bus companies and Destination Management Companies.

IST plans, coordinates, and books...

IST handles all bookings and payments and provides its clients with prepaid vouchers for use on trips ranging from bus transport to and from the airport to a visit to the island of Grímsey north of the Arctic Circle. IST can plan trips in detail from arrival to departure. IST can pre-book restaurant reservations, symphony tickets, bus passes, limousine services, spa reservations, etc. Once travel plans have been booked and paid for, IST will provide the client with city and country brochures, maps and guides as well as a detailed itinerary.


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