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Sample North Iceland Itinerary (7 days)

The North Iceland itinerary is suitable for any time of year including the winter months. This itinerary can be adjusted to include on-going travel by car to east and south Iceland during peak season.

Depart US to Keflavík on Icelandair.

Day 1 – Reykjavík
Arrive Keflavík, Iceland the next morning or on a late evening flight. Take FlyBus to accommodations in Reykjavík – Stay at accommodations ranging from 4-star hotels to charming guesthouses located in downtown Reykjavík. Private facilities and breakfast included.

Day 2 – Reykjavík – Golden Circle - Reykjavík
Take the most popular day tour in Iceland: The Golden Circle Super Jeep tour – the best way to get to know Iceland’s history, culture and geology before heading off on your own on day 3. Includes visits to hot springs, waterfalls, geysers and the mid-Atlantic ridge at Iceland’s famous Thingvellir National Park. Same overnight location in Reykjavík.

Day 3 – Reykjavík - Akureyri
After breakfast and a restful morning take a taxi to Reykjavík City Airport (5 – 10 minutes) and depart for Akureyri on the 11:00 AM 45-minute flight to Akureyri (or take an earlier flight). Upon arrival at Akureyri airport, pickup rental car and drive the short distance to town and settle in for an overnight visit at one of four downtown hotels or a nearby country hotel overlooking the fjord and town. Free afternoon to explore the sites in town including the beautiful botanical gardens. Or consider a ferry trip to the island of Hrísey, a step back in time. Optional evening flying tour to the island of Grímsey, straddling the Arctic Circle - note only available 10 June - 20 August each summer.

Day 4 – Mývatn
In the morning head east to Iceland’s bird and geology paradise of Mývatn (1.5-hour drive). Settle in at one of the four lakeside country hotels for two overnights. Spend the afternoon and evening hiking in the lava jungle at Dimmuborgir or walking along the lake shore.

Day 5 – Mývatn
Today is a free day to explore the region – hot springs (visit the new Jarböðin Natural Baths for a dip), waterfalls, bubbling sulfur pits, and the village of Húsavík (1.5-hour drive) north of the lake and Iceland’s whale watching capital. Whale watching cruises are offered May – September. IST will pre-book cruises, if desired. Same overnight location.

Day 6 – Mývatn – Akureyri – Reykjavík
Today drive back to Akureyri for a noon flight back to Reykjavík. This is a 1.5 hour drive. Drop off car at the city airport and check in for the 45 minute flight. Upon arrival in Reykjavík, take a taxi to your accommodations for your last overnight in Iceland.

Day 7 – Reykjavík – Blue Lagoon - Home
After breakfast, check out and be ready for 10:30 AM pickup with luggage for the Blue Lagoon Tour, which includes over 2 hours to bathe, shop and eat at the lagoon. You will be dropped off at Keflavík airport with your luggage at 2:30 PM in time for check-in before your flight departure for the US.

Feel free to add a day or two to this itinerary. For flight departures to Europe, the final day in Iceland may require adjustments. Check with IST for options and costs.

Iceland Saga Travel (IST) prepays all Iceland-based service providers. Client and service providers will have prepaid vouchers for each service (rental car, accommodations, tours, ferries, etc.). All accommodations include breakfast. IST provides airport FlyBus tickets, maps, driving directions and regional information brochures. IST is happy to recommend and pre-book Reykjavík restaurant reservations.

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