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Wining and Dining in Reykjavík - IST's Recommended List


First Class

Fiskfelagid (The Fish Company) - Vesturgata 2a Tel 552-5300                                             Located in the lower level of an attractive building, this is the best restaurant in the city (in the opinion of the IST staff)!

Sjavárkjallarinn (Seafood Cellar) - Aðalstræti 2. Tel 511-1212.
Located in the oldest cellar in Reykjavík Sjavárkjallarinn is one of the city's most exciting restaurants. It is already known for its inventive cooking and cheeky presentation. Fish in all different variations is at the forefront of the menu but just as appetizing are the lamb and vegetarian options on offer. Excellent wine list.

Humarhúsið (The Lobster House) - Amtmannsstígur 1, Tel. 561-3303. Great for dinner or a business lunch, the lobster is outstanding.

Þrír Frakkar (Three Frenchmen) - Baldursgötu 14, Tel. 552-3939. Perfect and romantic for a delicious seafood lunch or dinner.

Lækjarbrekka - Bankastræti 2, Tel. 551-4430. Excellent international cuisine and quiet, cozy, atmosphere.

Við Tjörnina - Templarasund 3, Tel. 551-8666. One of Reykjavík's favorite seafood restaurant in an old home by the lake in downtown Reykjavík.

Gallery Restaurant at Hótel Holt - Bergstaðastræti 37, Tel. 552-5700. One of the best and most elegant restaurants in the City!

Perlan (The Pearl) - Öskjuhlíð, Tel. 562-0200. A place to celebrate a special occasion or take in the sites of Reykjavík as you revolve around at this large gourmet restaurant.

Domo Restaurant - Thingholtsstraeti 5, Tel. 552-5588. The new "in" place to eat at Hótel Thingholt, a wonderful international menu with a lively bar.

Á Næstu Grösum - Laugavgur 20a, Tel. 552-8410. The top Vegetarian restaurant with an International selection.

La Primavera - Austurstræti 9, Tel. 561-8555. Top Italian restaurant above the Rex nightclub with a nice ambiance.

Einar Ben - Ingólfsorg, Tel. 511-5090. Classic upstairs restaurant in excellent location with very good international meat and fish dishes. Check out the bar (Rauði barinn- The Red Bar) on the top floor.

Grillið - At Hotel Saga, Tel. 525-9960. An exclusive French and international restaurant on the top floor of the hotel with magnificent views of the city and mountains in the distance.

Cafe Solon - Bankastræti 2, Tel. 562-3232. An excellent restaurant/bistro with a reasonable and broad menu, located downtown.

Carpe Diem - Rauðarárstígur 18, Tel. 552-4555. Romantic, comfortable restaurant next to Hótel Lind with excellent fish and lamb dishes.

In Hafnarfjörður

Fjörukráin - Strandgata 55, 565-1890. Viking Age style building and restaurant with live entertainment and traditional Icelandic meals, great for groups.

Cafes and Family Restaurants

Caruso - Þingholtsstræti 1, Tel. 562-7335. Relaxed and romantic atmosphere with Icelandic and Italian dishes at reasonable prices

Tapas Barinn - Vesturgata 3b, Tel. 551-2344. Enjoy a combination of Spanish and Icelandic cuisines at the downtown restaurant.

Grillhúsið Tryggvagötu - Tryggvagata 20, Tel. 562-3456. Diner-like restaurant close to the harbor with good fish and meat dishes including fried fish and chips and burgers. Excellent service.

Vegamót - Vegamítstigur 4, Great lunch and inexpensive dinner bistro with soups, sandwiches and grilled dishes. Live entertainment after dinner.

Café Paris - Austurstræti 14, Tel. 551-1020. A lively, coffee house centrally located with good snacks and pastries.

Kaffi Reykjavík - Vesturgata 2, Tel. 562-5530. Great lunches and dinners along with the famous Ice Bar and busy place after dark for night crowd.

Súfistinn Book Café - Laugavegur 18, Tel. 515-2500. A fun, literary hangout for coffee, cakes or a light lunch upstairs at the largest bookstore in Reykjavík.

Bars and Nightclubs

Dubliner - Hafnarstræti 4, Te. 511-3233. Great Irish pub in ideal location downtown.

Broadway - At Park Ísland Hotel, Tel. 533-1100. Large in nightclub featuring live music and a variety of shows.

Kaffibarinn - Bergstaðastræti 1. Reykjavík's most popular jet set nightclub.

Skuggabarinn - At Hótel Borg, Tel. 551-1440. Hot place decorated in art deco style adjacent to the hotel.

Nasa - Austurvollur, Tel. 511-1313. Cool nightspot, Reykjavík's largest nightclub, in the middle of the action downtown

Kaffi Brennslan - Pósthússtræti 9, Tel. 561-3600. Lively café and bar next to Hótel Borg with great sandwiches and big beer selection.

Prikið - Bankastræti 12, a good place to start the evening off in a bar/café setting.

Kaffi Reykjavík - Vestrugata 2, a large downtown bar and night club with great weekend dancing for the 35-55 age group.

Nelly's - Þingholtsstræti 2, a wild late night hangout with moderately priced beer.

Kaffi Thomsen - Hafnarstræti 17. One of the most popular nightclubs in the center of town.

Note: There are bars and nightclubs that cater to all interest from gay to soul, jazz, techno, disco and erotic.  The bar scene changes rapidly so check This Month in Reykjavík for the latest information.

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